Subscription Policy

ORIRE Subscription service allows you to get your favorite products from ORIRE at a specified interval of your choosing! The only caveat is that an invoice will be sent to you for payment when the subscription is due. So you actively have to make that payment each time!

I have a ORIRE Organics subscription order, but I don’t see an account associated with my name or email so I am unable to log in and make changes.

After you've placed a subscription order, please create an account. Make sure to enter the same email you used on your first order. Now you’re able to make changes to your subscription.

Can I make changes to an existing subscription?

Yes! Once your account is created you can log in to manage your subscription as needed. You can also email us or send us a DM and we will be happy to help you in any way possible.

I would like to skip or cancel my subscription, is this possible?

Yes! You can skip or cancel your subscription anything you want! :)

I did not receive my subscription item at the time specified, what happened?

This could be because you never paid for the subscription invoice that was sent to you. Remember this subscription service is not fully automated yet, meaning you still have to pay for the order once an invoice is sent to you. So don't ignore our emails ;-)