About us

ORIRE Organics originated from a mother’s desire for her new born to use the best products for her skin and hair. Our skin is the biggest organ in the body and everything you put on it, gets absorbed, this and the research I did into some of the baby products, and my personal products prompted this change. In the process of learning about all these different beauty products, the concluding fact was "natural and organic" is always the way to go. So I started to make natural skin care products for my family. While accomplishing this, I decided to extend this love and care to everyone. 

ORIRE Organics offers natural, organic, vegan, preservative and toxin free products. All handmade to meet your unique skin and hair needs. We source for the best butters and oils to use in our products. 100% of our oils and butters are cold-pressed and unrefined, meaning you are getting 100% of the benefits they have to offer.

In case you need something made for you or your loved ones that isn't listed on the website, shoot us an email, we might be able to accommodate and customize something for you. 

Happy living!



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